Blonde bio

In blondae cupiditas

One fine summer’s night in 1553, as he walked towards the summit of Mount Salève, where he used to observe the moon and the stars, Jean-Baptiste Cern, the learned botanist and astronomer from Geneva, accidentally slipped into a crevasse. To his amazement, the walls sparkled in the darkness. ‘Gold!’, he cried. News of the discovery spread to Geneva and triggered an immediate gold rush. Mines and quarries appeared. Puzzled by the deserted city, Calvin summoned a mineralogist from the Academy of Lyon. Alas, this scientist discovered that in fact the mineral was just common pyrite – fool’s gold – and that Salève’s only treasure was its good building rock… Calvin, incensed by the greed and covetousness of the people of Geneva, delivered thundering sermons attacking them. He exiled the ignorant scientist and promulgated his highly controversial anti-science laws, which plunged Geneva into scientific obscurantism. In memory of Calvin, and also of persecuted scientists and disfigured Mount Salève, we, the Papinot Brothers, havebrewed a beer with glints of gold.


Old blond beer, high fermentation, unfiltered, containing spring water, barley malt, hops and yeast.

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