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1549. In the early years of the Reformation, Geneva suffered many ills. Famines, epidemics, bankrupcies and overpopulation demoralised the city’s inhabitants. In order to emerge from the doldrums, the reigning Consistory decided to launch a new policy of great works. Everyone put on his thinking cap. Some imagined an annual cart and carriage fair. Others a fountain so immense that it would be visible for 100 leagues on all sides. Some madmen even suggested building gigantic towers outside the city walls, on a site referred to as “La Praille”. However, the city rulers’ parochial mindset quashed the visionaries and their ideas and nothing at all was undertaken. This is why Calvin, against his better judgement, chose to loosen the moral corset that accompanied the Reformation. The Genevois thus were able to forget their miserable circumstances, occasionally, by going to the taverns. As it was said, “a whistle well wet and social peace is met!” To the memory of Calvin, but also to the wild dreams of some Geneva citizens, we, the Papinot Brothers, have brewed an amber beer containing, especially, quantities of hope…


Spring water, barley, hops and yeast.

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