Post Tenebras Dignitas

Winter 1556 in Geneva was so abominable that the inner lake froze for 30 days. However, in spite of the cold and the north-blowing “bise“, an itinerant merchant offered the population a curious sight at the Rive market. He exhibited a naked-chested and muscled black slave dressed in red and yellow feathers. The slave was chained but carried a parrot on his shoulder whose litany of rude words and expressions greatly amused the jeering crowd. Yet one day, the slave managed to escape. Running away from those pursuing him, he ran across the frozen inner lake. The ice, however, gave way and he drowned on the spot since called the “Black Port“. Upon hearing about this, an angered Calvin forbade the Rive market from ever again featuring exhibitioners and other hucksters. From the cathedral pulpit, he launched a vibrant call to make Geneva the world emblem of tolerance and respect of human dignity. As a hommage to Geneva, a city open and welcoming to the oppressed, we, the Brothers Papinot, have brewed a dark beer with reminiscences of coffee, caramel and liquorice. Long life to Liberty!


Aromas of coffee, caramel and liquorice; barley, hops, spring water and yeast.

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